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At Herts Oven Cleaning we have invested in the latest Texatherm System (which is taking the cleaning industry by storm) to provide the best carpet cleaning service to our customers. The Texatherm System is unrivalled in its effectiveness in cleaning, combine this with our friendly, knowledgable & professional cleaners, you get an amazing service at an amazing price.

The benefits of the Texatherm System include;

The drying time can be as quick as 30 minutes in any weather, temperature, day or night because the solution is alcohol-based.

We can clean up to 200sqm of carpet in as little as an hour, giving you less disruption to your home or workplace. Large area, minimal time guaranteed.

Texatherm’s Carpet Cleaning System can clean all types of carpet, from hardwearing carpet tiles to delicate woollen carpets. The carpets are cleaned without stretching, shrinking or splitting any seams, this means tough stains and inset marks disappear, leaving your carpet looking brand new.

The carpet cleaning system can easily handle hazardous substance stains and spillages like blood, feces and urine, then easily decontaminated and removed.

Not only does the carpet cleaning system deal with hardwaring & delicate carpets, along with hazardous substances it also, cleans, disinfects and applies an anti-static coating to the carpet, leaving no sticky re-soiling residue.


Not yet convinced by the Texatherm Carpet Cleaning System?

Texatherm is the market leader in carpet cleaning machinary. Patented and designed by carpet cleaners for carpet cleaners. The process uses a chemical reaction with a heated pad which in turn creates a ‘capillary action’ ensuring that soil and stains are drawn out of the fibres in the carpet. Basically this means it offers a deep wet clean with all of the benefits from a dry-cleaning system, that dries with an average time of 30 minutes.

Cleaner – Safer – Drier – Quicker

So what are the benefits over other carpet cleaners

  • Safe to use on all carpet types: Carpet tiles to woollen carpets
  • Average drying time is 30 minutes, less disruption for you
  • No shrinking or stretching Guaranteed
  • No splitting Guaranteed
  • Low in moisture content
  • Low in noise output
  • Disinfects & applies anti-static coating
  • No sticky residue left behind
  • Hazardous stain removal
  • Kills all types of dust mites

We offer services for Commercial and Domestic customers in the Hertfordshire area. Our services include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Stain protection
  • Wool rug and carpet clean
  • End of tenancy carpet cleaning and or cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning

All our customers can experience super-fast drying times, on average just 30 minutes, using the Texatherm system. It is the newest carpet cleaning technology available today. Since its launch, it has revolutionised the carpet cleaning industry.

We ONLY use cleaning solutions specifically designed for use with the Texatherm system, so you get perfect results every-time, Guaranteed.

Still not believing? Check out the gallery for the before and after shots.

Contact us today or fill out the form to book your next top of the range Texatherm carpet clean.

You won’t be disappointed, Guaranteed.



    On our first visit we will provide a quote after we assess the type of carpet fabric, backing, soils and any stains within your carpet. After the quote has been agreed, we’ll then carry out the carpet cleaning at the arranged time, day or night.

    Once we have vacuumed your carpets, we’ll then treat any heavily soiled, traffic areas. Next we spray a solution on the carpet thats eco-friendly, we then slowly agitate the solution into the carpet to release oils, stains, dirt and any other materials including mites, bringing them to the surface. We then apply a wet solution via the rotary machine, this process creates the chemical reaction that removes the dirt, strain and other materials, safely and effectively from your carpets. Leaving you with carpets that are clean, sanitised anti-static and looking brand new. And all this with a dry time of just 30 minutes.

    Texatherm means that carpets can be cleaned quickly, safely and of course effectively, which has a lot of positives for property owners, landlords and tenants.

    For property owners; it could be a case of the living room carpet you’ve been meaning to clean for months but haven’t because of the disruption it would cause – you can now have back to its’ original state

    For tenants; it could mean that when you’re due to vacate your home on the last day of your tenancy, call Herts Oven Cleaning and carpet cleaning can be completed within hours to ensure you can hand your keys back to your landlord/agent on time.

    For Landlords, it means that on the unfortunate occasion where property may not have been left as you’d hope. You can call Herts Oven Cleaning and we can ensure that your property is ready for your new tenants to move in as quickly as possible.

    For Commercial properties (office, surgeries etc) can be cleaned after hours to ensure that carpets are easily ready and clean for the next business day.


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